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HumbleWind Productions in association with Humblefolk Productions produces and delivers original films, plays, and novels that protray African-American life. For almost a decade, writer, director, and film producer Anetria Cole has written and told stories that resognate from within her heart. It is her aim to relay historical accounts about her ancestors that have a universal appeal and theme. Although told from the African-American experience, all races can identify, "for we all experience, joy, love, happiness, pain, struggle, and death...on our journey in this world that we call...Life." It is Ms. Cole's goal to give her audiences "something worth seeing."

About HumbleWind Productions


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The Novel, Street Numbers & Street Sweepers, Part One, will be released as an ongoing audio podcast late summer. Please be on the lookout for it!

Inspired by playwright legends August Wilson and Lorraine Hannesberry, Ms. Cole realized that God had given her the gift of writing and that He purposed her to tell stories that inspire fellow humans to think deeply about their lives, understand their place in this world, and to give Him all the glory. 

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